Top 5 Songs of Maroon 5 which runs with a Story

Today, Maroon 5 listed in one of the Top most bands in the music industry which has been delivering its performance since 1994. Previously, the band was named as Kara’s Flower but later on, the band was renamed as Maroon 5. The band was originated in Los Angeles and at present, it has six members including Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, James Valentine, Matt Flynn, and PJ Morton. The band released many of their top singles during their course of journey and succeeded in getting a place in Billboard Hot 100. Videography and lyrics of some of the top songs of Maroon 5 have beautifully portrayed some sought of story.

Top 5 Songs

Some of the selective songs of Maroon 5 which consists of beautiful blend of music and a story.

1. Maps

The song is the first single of an album ‘V’ by Maroon 5, which was released in 2014. Maps depicted the story of a guy who had committed one mistake and he did not get the chance to make it right. He felt pain of betrayal as his girlfriend left him because of his one and only mistake. Even though he was with her in her darkest times, she did not even think of that and just ran away. But still he stands firm to reach her through a map even after knowing the fact that she was dead.

2. One More Night

The song is the second single of an album ‘Overexposed’ by Maroon 5, which was released in 2012. The video of a song displayed the story of a boxer (portrayed by Adam Levine) who is working hard to support his girlfriend and a baby. Adam Levine and his girlfriend used to fight every day because he spent most of his time in training for a big fight and failed to stay close with his girlfriend. But the uniqueness in their relationship is that they could not live without each other even though they used to quarrel every day.

3. Wake Up Call

The song is from an album ‘It Won’t Be Soon before Long’ by Maroon 5, which was released in 2007. The story portrayed in a song is about a guy who finds out that his girlfriend is lying with someone else on his own bed. So, he left with no option and killed that 6 foot tall guy and he does not have any regret of his action. In this way, he punished them both and taught a lesson to his girlfriend.

4. Animals

‘Animals’ is the second single of an album ‘V’ by Maroon 5, which was released in 2014. The song is about a psychotic butcher who refuses to forget about his past relationship with his beautiful customer. Butcher also wants to tell her that wherever she will go or whatever she is pretending, she will never forget the time she had spent with him.

5. Payphone

The song is the first single from an album ‘Overexposed’ by Maroon 5, which was released in 2012. The song is about a guy whose relationship with his girlfriend ended at a bad note and the worst part is that they both ruined the chances of becoming friends also. He then decided to move on as his girlfriend did not care of retaining the relationship with him.



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