Simple Hacks to Look Like a Celebrity

Think about the red carpet appearance, or a ramp walk, where your favorite celebrity walks in ridiculously stunning! Have you ever wondered how they carry themselves so beautifully effortlessly? Everyone has a favorite celebrity, love them more for their uber cool appearances, unique style sense and gorgeous fashion statements. All of us want to look like the celebrity, sporting something so hot and popular.

Listing out a few simple hacks on how to look like a celebrity!

Replica Dresses

The first thing that attracts us in a celebrity, it could be an actor or actress, a sports personality or a singer, is the outfit they wear! Loved the fish-tail gown worn by a celebrity at any award function? Replica dresses are available at many online stores, you can simply google it! Think about Bollywood celebrities adoring the events with gorgeous sarees. To no surprise, you will find the replica of every sari!

Exact replica is not necessary

Couldn’t you find the exact replica of the celebrity dress you loved to wear?  Don’t worry! Just for the similar dress, but in a different color. Even the same patterned dress would make you feature the celebrity look. For instance, if you don’t get a white gown with black polka dots, you can buy something in same pattern but in a different pattern. Or you can wear the white maxi dress with polka dots. You can alter the color combination or pattern to get that look! You don’t get the halter-neck tee length sleek gown in green? Buy it in red or pink!

Chic and stylish hairstyle

Just wearing the same hairstyle as featured by your favorite celebrity or something went hot in the fashion world gives that celebrity look in no time. It could be side plaits or fish tail plaits, or a messy high bun, or a new haircut, you get the celebrity look.

Cheap Shopping

Go shopping, but don’t by expensive stuff to get the celebrity look. A tee, waistcoat or pull over, pant and a sleek bag is all enough for the celebrity look! It costs you nothing. Have you looked where celebrities carry themselves so gracefully with mix n match dresses? The dresses need not be prim and perfect.

Not necessarily you should be complete set of outfits! Many times cheap clothes purchased at local stores and in discount deals gets you the chic look.

Skin care

Something everyone loves and adores in the celebrities is the flawless radiant skin. Not all blessed with the perfect skin, but make it. Whether the skin glows naturally or artificially, the appearance just kills! So, set a skincare regimen to get rid of the blemishes and scars. Choose the right skin care products and wear the makeup right!

Just get some BIG accessories

Most of the celebrities attract us more with their accessories, big, wild and charming. That could be cozy extra large earrings or bulky handbags, or even a clumsy wrist band / bracelet, it’s done. Get the ideas from the celebrities rushing on their way to airports! Don’t hesitate to try out or experiment new things.

You need to go for the brands, when it comes to bags and shoes. You just need to carry yourself like a celebrity, don’t act like one.



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