Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart: Back Together For Real!

It’s official: After months of rumors and speculation, we have confirmation that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are back together.

TMZ is reporting that Smart and Lopez were spotted kissing in public on the American Idol set yesterday.


It seems Casper swung by to pick J-Lo up and the two shared a hello smooch in plain view of the entire cast and crew.

This was no just-friends kiss, either. Sources say it was the latest in a long line of hints that Jen and Cassie are an item once again.

In fact, they’ve been back at for so long, many are now wondering if the great Lopez-Smart breakupof ’14 was all for show.

Whatever the case, Casper is back together with one of the wealthiest and most impressive booties in show business, which is obviously a great move for him.

The only question is whether or not this is the smart thing for L-Lo to be doing.

Their first round of major relationship troubles came when Casper was caught cheating with a transsexual model (allegedly), and Jenny fro the Block reportedly swore off young, untrustworthy dudes.

Did Casper prove himself somehow, or is Jen just so busy making that green that she has no time to get out and search for a new guy?

Either way, we think Casper just lived up to his last name.




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