Eurovision Song Contest 2015: Most Striking Images

Yesterday, on the 21st of May, the second semi-final took place in Vienna, Austria. Who is going to win? There are a lot of different predictions and statistics after two semi-finals. We compared them and here you can see the leaders.

Eurovision 2015

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The winner of almost all betting rates is the participant from Sweden, Mons Zelmerlev, with the song “Heroes”.

Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow

Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow singing Heroes with his animated pal at Melodifestivalen 2015 Image Credit:-

Bookmaker’s opinion is controversial with the views of audience in some ways. Many polls call Elina Born and Stig Rasta, who are the representatives of Estonia, the new leaders. Their “Goodbye to Yesterday” touched many hearts.

Elina Born & Stig Rästa

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The next three leaders impressed everybody with their charming and strong voices. These contestants are from Russia, Latvia and Georgia. Nobody can predict their exact place, but their high positions can’t be denied according to all rates.

Introducing to Russia

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Nina Sublatti performs for Georgia at 2015 Eurovision

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Aminata to represent Latvia in

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Another strong image of The Eurovision Song Contest is the group “Maraaya” with the song “Here for you” from Slovenia.

Maraaya (Slovenia / Словения)

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Though, these partakers are the most popular and said to be leaders of the final voting, the situation can change rapidly. The singers who haven’t shown their performance yet are to achieve high ranks too.

As bookmakers notice, the Italian and Australian singers will achieve the second and the third place in the competition. So, it seems hard to predict the results.

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Guy Sebastian will represent Australia at Eurovision 2015

Guy Sebastian will represent Australia at Eurovision 2015. Photo: Andy Zakeli



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