Now Hotel Haunts For American Horror Story

American Horror Story Hotel

On October 2014, FX announced the returning of American Horror Story (AHS) in 2015. The season begins its journey from Murder House then shows the sanity in Asylum followed by Coven and Freak Show. Now the show brings another terrific theme named Hotel which would be the reinvention of the series. The highlight of the season 5 American Horror Story is the cast of the show. The newest introduction in the casting of the show is popular singer Lady Gaga, Who would replace Jessica Lange. In the paleyfest 2015, it was announced that Jessica Lange would not returning to the show and Lady Gaga would take her place. Along with her Cheyenne Jackson and Matt Bomer will also play the lead role. Sarah Paulson, who is permanent runner and one of the eye catchers of the show, would play a bad girl this time.

Since the launch of American Horror Story, the show has been haunting the audience and entertains them by bringing the different concepts in every season. Each season laid good foundation of the story which would perfectly describes the title. This time, plot of the story would be filmed on Hotel, where unusual activities will be demonstrated with different concept. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who are the creators of the show, focuses on including more breathtaking sequences in the show and make the viewers feel more frightened and excited.

American Horror Story is expected to be aired in 2015 with whole new episodes. The popularity of the show has been achieving new levels of height with each new season. Although Jessica Lange would be missed this time, but the show will continue to run and hope AHS may get many achievements. With the introduction of some new cast members, AHS has already created a buzz and AHS fans are eager to watch the show. The show will be aired on FX in October, 2015. Since 2011, American Horror Story has been consistently haunting the audience and hope it may continue it’s reign in future also.



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  1. Charity Creel says:

    I watched Paleyfest and it was NOT announced that Lady Gaga was “replacing” Jessica Lange. Apparently, the author didn’t watch Paleyfest 2015 at all. Jessica Lange along with Sarah Paulson and Tim Minear were being “secretive” when Lange was asked if she was returning to season 5. Lange was also interrupted by Paulson continuously when Lange started to speak about something that her and Ryan Murphy had discussed. Minear obviously “shushed” Lange as she was about to answer. Ryan Murphy has yet to announce Ms. Lange’s departure. Watch the AHS panel on Paleyfest 2015 and then write your article again!

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