Things that Damage your Skin Unknowingly

Are you damaging your skin unknowingly? You may never know how some of your innocent looking activities can harm your skin. Below are some of the regular things that may mar your skin without your knowledge.

Take a quick look at them and avoid them at your best. Surely, your skin will say thanks to you and you’ll get more compliments than ever for your flawlessly young and beautiful skin!

Hitting the bed without taking your makeup off

Are you one of those lazy ladies who never care to take their makeup off? Never fall asleep with your makeup on as it can bring in bacterial infections to your skin as well as get your pores clogged badly. Both of these will eventually result into acne. And with the same amount of makeup left on your bed sheet and pillow will stay there to harm you every night until you change the sheets and the pillow cases.

Are you a coffee-addict?


Coffee has caffeine, which is one of the major factors behind dry skin, aging and wrinkles blowing up much before you’re really old. Sounds horrible? Yes, that what it is – horrible! So, quench your thirst for beverages by juicing and drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated. Cut on coffee and other caffeinated drinks and increase the intake of citrus fruit like oranges and lemon.

Do you often pop your pimples?

Picking at the pimples


Oops! That’s a terrible habit. You’ll often find teenagers doing it but that’s not the right way to get away from pimples. Picking at the pimples will lead to bacteria and dirt getting spread across your face bringing more pimples in profusion. And this may also leave horrible marks behind.

You love long, hot showers?

Long shower is bad for your skin

Once in a while hot shower can help you do away with the dirt and make you feel relaxed. But regular prolonged hot showers will damage the topmost layer of the epidermis leading to drying of skin too often.

Skipping sleep

Skipping sleep

If you don’t sleep well and cut short on the recommended number of hours of every night sleep, not only you’ll get dark circles but will also be left with dehydration, clogging of pores and untimely aging. Better sleep for eight hours every night. 

Trying too many of cosmetic products

Trying too many of cosmetic products

If you are one of those cosmetics fan, you need to change your ways. Don’t try every new brand in the market. Better go for a patch test to check if it really suits your skin type.

Waxing a hell lot?

legs with waxing

Don’t run for waxing every time you find a new set of hair growing up! Too much of waxing will damage your skin. Better wait for at least 3 weeks before a fresh waxing session in order to help your skin stay regenerated and rejuvenated.

You stress up, frown a lot, or never try to stay happy?

All of these can lead to early aging and skin issues like blemishes, dullness, appearance of fine lines and even permanent wrinkles! Better stay happy and do something that keeps you happy like yoga, reading or listening to music.



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