David Beckham: Sir Alex Ferguson made me shave my hair off

David Beckham

David Beckham sported a variety of hairstyles during his career.

You don’t have to be a professional psychotherapist to know that David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson had something of a complex relationship during their time together at Manchester United.

Beckham was the flashy, fame-chasing yin to Fergie’s austere, disapproving yang, and the friction between the pair reached a pitch on more than a few occasions — the infamous flying football boot incident being just one example.

The pair have since buried the hatchet, but while chin-wagging in an interview set to air on Friday night’s “The Graham Norton Show,” Beckham recounted yet another instance of Ferguson taking umbrage at his burgeoning celebrity lifestyle.

According to Beckham, Ferguson once became so irritated by the midfielder’s latest flashy hairstyle that he forced him to shave it off in the toilets before United’s Charity Shield match against Chelsea in 2000.

“I was in the dressing room with an hour to go before kick off when Sir Alex Ferguson saw it and made me shave it off,” Beckham said, according to theDaily Mirror.

“I said no at first and then I saw his face change very quickly so I went and shaved it off in the toilet. He was very strict.”

Nelson Mandela and former England captain David Beckham

The late Nelson Mandela and former England captain David Beckham met in 2003.

Beckham then went on to lament some of his more, shall we say, “unorthodox” hairdos, including the time he decided to make himself look like a bit of a wally before meeting one of the most revered men to have ever lived.

“Some of [my hairstyles] have been really bad — I hadn’t thought them through,” he continued.

“The topknot wasn’t too bad but the cornbraids were a bad decision.

“It was bad timing as well as I was going to South Africa at the time with England and ended up meeting Nelson Mandela so that’s why I regret that one.”





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