Nail Arts Tips and Tricks – A Beginners Guide

Treat the nails as what we do when choosing the outfits, hairdo and of course the makeup! Nails, an extension of our fashion and style sense. It is an added element to boast our exquisite style statement.

Nail Arts Tips and Tricks


Women are born artists. However, not all of us are nail art professionals! But we do love to boast the prim, pretty and pleasant nails, make others pop at your hands. Here is a simple guide to flaunt the pretty nails, almost closer the nail art done by a pro!

Tip 1: Prep your nail

You cannot cook a delicious meal without preparation! As is your nail art! Prepare your nails before you try some exquisite nail art design. Remove the old nail polish and make sure that the nails are clear. Trim your nails shape it to make it neat! Don’t trim it too short.

Tip 2: Apply white nail polish as basecoat

Apply white nail polish as basecoat

Sometimes, the plain nail polish pops and accentuates your style! Indeed, the first step to nail art is proper application of nail polish! However, in most cases, the natural color of the nails changes the nail polish shade when applied. (There are exceptional cases where the nails are super opaque). So apply the white nail polish as a basecoat to your nails to get the right nail polish shade pops.

Tip 3: Don’t apply the additional coats or add accessories before the polish dries

It is obvious that you may end up getting sticky nails with unappealing shades. Be patient, give some time for the coats to dry!

Tip 5: Start with easy nail art designs

Don’t overboard with creating intricate designs. Always start with simple designs. Painting the nails with two different colors (just polishing the tip in a different shade) is the base of nail art.

easy nail art designs

For glittering or jewelry nails, mix the loose glitter with the polish or with nail gel! A simple trick for embellishing nails.

Tip 6: Easy marbling on nails

Water marbling nail art is loved by everyone for its effect on the nails! The water marble nail art itself makes a stunning fashion statement without the need of trendy accessories.

Easy marbling on nails

Swirl the nail polish drops (any number of shades you would love) in a cup of water. Swirl the shades of nailpolish in the water until you get the desirable marbling effect. Gently place the finger into the cup, where the nail grab the polish. Don’t forget to remove the extra polish from the fingers.

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