How To Keep Yourself Fit and Refreshing Like Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, the name is just enough! There is no exaggeration; even half of the name speaks a lot!! The God of Cricket! None would have even had a dream that a school dropout kid reaching great heights that nobody can achieve so easily. It might be a miracle, honestly it is not! He surrendered himself to cricket, which he was so passionate about!

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is the prime role model for the cricket aspirants. Not just his strokes are famed, but his determination, sincerity, dedication and love for cricket is eminent.

Surviving almost 25 years in sports, celebrated as a religion in India is something extremely tough in the world. He successfully went through all these years (of course with ups and downs in his career profile) with physical as well as mental fitness.

What is the secret behind Sachin’s fitness? – Simple Gym Routines and practicing his work followed by meditation

The secret is nothing. Surprisingly, his hobby became the profession and passion! He just did what he loved, what he was so passionate about it. He practiced for hours and hours every day. Yes. Sachin Tendulkar’s most favorite way to stay fit is nothing but the net practice, playing cricket! However, he did follow very specific fitness routine that just suits his needs.

He was so disciplined in every aspect! He understood the bio-dynamics of every exercise and followed it meticulously.  He recovered very quickly after every single injury he experienced in the playground! Playing cricket incessantly kept him fit for years.

Sachin scheduled for gym workouts only when he had spare time other than his cricket practice.

Any cricketer, rather a sportsman goes through immense emotional turmoil. To burst out the stress he developed in the playground, he practiced breathing exercises. Breathing exercises for a few minutes after a cricket match or net practice is a part and parcel of his daily life.

Sachin is a foodie! He never skipped any nutrient!

Yes, this might be surprising to a few, but it is the truth! He loves to eat a variety of delicacies and he has sweet tooth. He declared that he is so fond of cheesecakes and cannot resist himself from eating alphonsa mangoes. His dieting mantra is simple!

You can eat as much as little you want, but what you eat should be right and appropriate. Whether you eat less or more, when the food is bad for you, it will harm you.

Unlike typical sportsmen who avoid /cut the intake of carbs and fats, Sachin is unique. His diet is composed of 40 percent carbohydrate, 60 % on an equal mix of proteins, and fats.

His diet included mixed grains porridge, full fat milk, fresh juices, whey protein powder, grilled fish /meat,  rotis, yogurt, fresh fruits, protein shake, etc.  He included nuts and dry fruits as well as fresh fruits / freshly prepared salad in every meal. In the mornings and the evenings he consumed proteins through protein shakes. He is so aware about different cuisines and enjoys the delicacies of different countries.

All the calories he earned are melted away during his practice.

He ignored all those negative comments and never carried to his head. However, he set a goal and laid down the expectations that he can achieve before can meet the expectations of others. This was his major secret behind the mental fitness.  Besides, he loved his family and loved spending time with the family. It is also a part of his mental fitness, which kept himself so energetic and refreshing.

In order to stay physically fit like Sachin, find your ultimate fitness regimen and never skip it! Similarly, eat healthy food choices and get some leisure to spend with your loved ones. You will stay fit, energetic and refreshing like Sachin!



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