Does Klay Thompson have a concussion of the brain?

Klay Thompson

The basketball team “The Golden State Warriors” has achieved a victory on “The Sacramento Kings” in the home match of the regular season NBA. Klay Thompson, who is a part of the winners, has set a new NBA record for the points scored in one quarter.

Klay Thompson

In the third segment of the match, defender received 37 points that surpassed the previous achievement, which had been established by George Gervin in 1978. The new record-holder called his victory “a madness”. As he mentioned after the match, that was the first time he had had so many successful tries. Every moment of the game he had been very focused on the ball.

Klay Thompson smile

As it has turned up today, Klay has a concussion. The accident happened in the final match of the series against the “Houston”.

Clay Thompson has received an inadvertent knee strike to the head from the player of “Houston”, Trevor Ariza, in the fifth game of the Western Conference finals. Thompson began to bleed, while he was laying on the floor, then he went to the cloakroom for the examination.

Klay Thompson concussion

Initial survey didn’t reveal any serious damages and the team’s medical staff allowed him to continue. However, after the game Thompson felt worse, and he had symptoms of a concussion.

“Golden State” will watch the shape of the player and more tests will be made later.



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