Makeup Secrets from the World’s Most Beautiful 2015

Three most beautiful women according to the magazine “People” reveal their secrets of good looks. They have completely different appearances and wide variety of styles. Though, one of them made mistakes experimenting with cosmetics, it doesn’t hinder her success.

Taraji P. Henson, the American actress and singer, the third beautiful woman in the world has been making mistakes in makeup for years!

Now she is one of the most stylish celebrities. This famous woman uses juicy pink and purple, red and dark brown lipsticks. The smoky eyes make her look like а panther. Choosing her makeup for the clothes she is not afraid of experiments.

Taraji P. Henson

Before, she used to clarify her face using too much cosmetics. As the result, the face and her body seemed to have different colors. But that was not the only one trouble. The same thing was with the area under the eyes. So, she had an “owl effect”. Another issue was connected with her eyebrows. Because of such a bright eye makeup she should have allocate them a little brighter for a more harmonious and complete image.

Makeup Secrets from the World’s Most Beautiful 2015

The second bit of crackling is a young model Gigi Hadid, who believes that the key of the beautiful skin is a moistening. She cannot imagine her life without a perfect mascara; the Iconic Over curl Dior show is her favorite one. The celebrity likes to highlight her eyes and eyeliners are perfect for this purpose. Gigi loves her eyebrows and uses a brow set for them. An aqua foundation and a powder with blossom color make her skin bright.

gigi hadid

The celebrity prefers makeup in bronze colors. If you want to try the same make up, put bronze shadow on the surface of the eyelids generously and add orange-golden hue of shadows on the lash line. Use warm bronze, to emphasize the cheek bones, and apply a neutral lip-gloss.

Finally, the most beautiful woman according to the magazine “People”, Sandra Bullock, shares her secrets.The main reason of her charming look is healthy lifestyle and nutrition. When actress wants something sweet, apples help her keep out of chocolate. By the way, the celebrity rubs the skin with fruit slices from her young years. This natural exfoliation makes it fresh, radiant and toned.


Sandra Bullcock

Sandra uses hemorrhoid cream as a rejuvenating face mask. It perfectly smooths wrinkles, reduces puffiness and removes dark circles under the eyes. The amazing fact is that she needs only 8 MINUTES to make her face shine brightly!

It can seem strange, but makeup is not very important for the star. She believes that cosmetics should not be used too often. It can help just to emphasize the dignity of the appearance. Mascara is her favorite cosmetics. She usually uses a foundation, a beige shade,a pink lipstick or a lip-gloss and a blush.

Each of these celebrities expresses herself in her own way. One seldom uses cosmetics, the second prefers mild makeup and the third adores bright colors. In any case, they are beautiful and they feel comfortable in the created image. This is a good example, how to be successful staying yourself.



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