Will Britney Spears Carry On Reigning Perfume Biz

Britney has carved a niche about her in the pop music industry, is it quite a passion for her to make a dominating place for herself in everything she tries? At least, her business involvement in the fragrance industry says this.


She has recently added 18th scent to her range of perfumes. Just a few days back Britney tweeted, “Spray a little romance in the air. NEW #FantashyIntimateEdition fragrance coming soon!!”

The scent is said to be inspired by her lingerie line. And it will add to her second-ever fragrance range, namely “Fantasy” that she launched way back in 2005. With her Fantasy Intimate Edition, her Fantasy range alone will now have 12 fragrances and in total her products range will have 18 unique fragrances.

As Britney is known to be introducing most unique ingredient combinations for resulting into special kind of fragrances, her Fantasy Intimate Edition will be no different! It will offer a blend of lychee, brown sugar, lemon, and musk. So, you’ll have a scent that is wild and sweet, sexy and tempting! The scent is all set for a launch and will be out in the market by the later part of this month.

So far, her Fantasy range includes – Circus Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy Anniversary Edition, Fantasy Eau de Toilette (Renner Exclusive), Fantasy Stage Edition, Fantasy The Naughty Remix, Hidden Fantasy, Island Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, and Rocker Femme Fantasy.

Her other ranges include – Radiance comprising of Radiance and Cosmic Radiance; Curious comprising of Curious Britney Spears, In control Curious, Curious Heart; and Believe.




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