What keeps Taylor Swift so fit and Skinny

Taylor Swift

Image Source : wikimedia.org

Taylor Swift, 25-year-old diva is loved as well as envied by many because of her awesome body. 5ft. 11 inch tall songstress is indeed skinny and it is her discipline that has made her physically fit. “For me, working out is not so I can get skinny. It’s so that I’m not panting on stage,” said the diva to the media.

So, what keeps her in shape? An insight into her lifestyle and fitness regime will tell you a lot about her stunning appearance.

Does she work out?

Yes, she does but not like an obsessive gym goer, nor does she use any machine except for her treadmill. Howsoever busy she may get, she always manages to set 1 hour for cardio exercise. She makes sure to run even when she is away on a tour!

She believes that sweating is the best way to keep fat away! Thus, she works out and sweats a lot to release the toxins and enjoy her enviable skinny body!

Taylor Swift

Image Source : wikimedia.org

Does she keep distance from food?

She is not so much like the present day ladies who avoid eating to stay thin. Instead, she follows a proper diet plan that nourishes her without adding unwanted fat to her body. On weekdays, she prefers to keep it light and eats all that keeps her fresh and healthy, light and energetic! So, her meals include salads, yoghurt, and sandwiches.

She avoids sugary drinks and drinks a lot of water. She makes sure to consume at least 10 bottles of water every day. But yes, weekends are different! She binges on fast food and enjoys burgers, fries and even ice creams on weekends. Apart from singing and song-writing, she also has passion for baking and loves to bake cookies that she devours with pleasure on weekends!




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