Recommended Best Celebrity Diets

Have you ever thought about following the diet regimen of your favorite celebrities? Need some ideas on the best celebrity diets?

We are not going to list out the best celebrity diets of those who went from fat to fit. Rather, those who maintained their health, fitness, stayed in good shape and flaunted their curves (okay this is about the divas) beating away the aging blues! The focus is all on healthy eating!


Kareena Kapoor – Eat at the Right Time

Kareena Kapoor

Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan, one of the charms from the Kapoor Khan carries the beauty bliss in her genetics. Still, it is hard to find a celebrity carrying the glowing skin and super stunning body for years! In fact Kareena Kapoor was a chubby fat girl until she decided to follow the footsteps of the senior Kapoors.  She doesn’t follow any strict diet regimen. She chose to eat healthy foods and reduce consuming fried foods.  In fact, she is a foodie and loves to eat every local delicacy. She love samosas, kachoris, and street foods, but takes it too rarely. Her breakfast varies from idlys, upma to fortified cereals. Her lunch and dinner is usually comprised of roti, vegetables and dal. To compress her hunger pangs, she munches on brown bread sandwich.

Eating balanced diet and eating at the right time is her diet secret.

Shilpa Shetty – The Hot Water

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty aka Shilpa Raj Kundra, the yummy mummy of Bollywood industry never went out of shape. Yoga routines and healthy food habits enables her managing her shape and charm to precision! Her fitness routine is famed, nothing but the yoga! Here is Shilpa’s food chart!

Her calorie intake is around 2000 calories a day. She never skips any type of nutrient, including carbs. However, the food chart includes healthy carbs.

Shilpa Shetty kick starts her day with a glass of aloe vera juice, giving an immune boost to the body, rejuvenating the skin and refreshing the organs. Porridge, a cup of tea with brown sugar makes her breakfast. Fibre rich grains, vegetables, brown rice, eggs, brown bread, salad and chicken fill her food chart. Whenever she feels hungry she consumes boiled eggs and toasted brown breads.

Her secret for glowing skin and striking physique is hot water! She always drinks hot water. 

Remember, none of these celebrities went on any silly crash diets like Cabbage soup diet or lemonade diet.

Deepika Padukone – Fresh Juices and Fruits

Deepika Padukone

When compared with the diet chart followed by other celebrities, Deepika Padukone follows a low fat diet, but with balanced nutrients! She prefers high fiber, low fat and fresh foods. Fruits, vegetables and rotis almost fill her diet chart. She snacks on almonds. Deepika’s secret to radiance is few pieces of fresh fruits or a glass of fresh juice every two hours.

Jennifer Lopez – The Quantity Matters

Jennifer Lopez

J Lo’s diet is quite unique from others. She includes a lot of carbs and she loves to eat meat. Besides, also stay away from desserts and cookies! However, she restricts her intake on the quantity of the foods. Whatever you eat, eat in the right quantity. J Lo diet secret is cutting down the quantity of foods, rather limiting the food variety.

Jennifer Aniston – Fish and Smoothies!

Jennifer Aniston

In spite of the breakup with Brad Pitt, she managed to stay in shape and killing physique! The secret to her healthy body, mind and of course the glowing skin is two elements; A lot of fresh smoothies and fish! Jennifer Aniston kick starts her day with a glass of smoothie, and include seafood sharing the major part in every meal. Besides, nuts and seeds, veggies salad and olive oil is included in her diet.

When you examine the celebrity diet, they exclude a few things from their diet plan. It includes, white rice, sugar, processed foods, salty foods and greasy foods. In addition, these celebrities don’t starve to get in shape. Rather, they focus on healthy eating and fitness routines.



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