Michelle Keegan – World’s Most Sexiest Woman

Michelle Keegan Most Sexiest Woman

#FHM has announced the world’s sexiest woman in 2015 and a woman who achieved this fame is Michelle Keegan. FHM is a UK based men’s lifestyle magazine, which has recently published the list of world’s top 100 sexiest women in 2015. FHM has put Michelle Keegan at top of the list. The element of surprise is that Michelle not only voted as sexiest woman in world, but also she had beaten world renowned celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kendall Jenner.

Who is Michelle Keegan?

Michelle Keegan is a British actress, known for her role in long running English series “Coronation Street” as Tina McIntyre. The actress has been awarded as sexiest woman for several years, but she has never topped the list of FHM sexiest woman in world until she snapped the award this year.

In the above photo shoot for FHM, the actress has shown why she would have been awarded. With this pose, she has displayed a great image of her body and cranked up the sex appeal.

The actress is about 27 years of age and she is going to marry with Mark Wright, who is a soap opera star.

Things to know about Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan was born on 3rd June 1987 in Stockport, England. Before getting fame, the actress was used to work at an airport.

Michelle Keegan

The actress is a fashion icon, who was barely known in America before she blew away the fashion world. Michelle has been nominated before in FHM sexiest woman list and got a second position in 2014 and fourth in 2013. No wonder she was awarded as sexiest woman in 2015 as she has great fashion sense along with great body. The sense of style and beauty the Michelle has got made her the queen of sexiest women in the world.






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