Idina Menzel Handles Her Onstage Wardrobe Malfunction Like A Boss

If Idina Menzel was feeling the pressure at her sold-out, one-night-only concert at Radio City Music Hall on June 16, she sure didn’t let on. Even when Menzel almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction onstage, she not only kept her cool, but made some pretty hilarious jokes about it.

A video uploaded from the concert shows Menzel in the midst of singing “Take Me Or Leave Me” from “Rent.” It appears that Menzel gets a tip from the audience that her leather bra top is sliding its way up her chest. “What? My boob’s coming out?” she asks the crowd before a crew member rushes to assist her. Instead of freaking out or rushing offstage in shame, Menzel simply examines herself and quips, “These divas need their stage!”

Let’s hope all the parents who brought their little “Frozen” fans to the show were able to cover their kids’ ears before she blurted out, “Well, f**k it! They’re real.”

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post misquoted Menzel as saying, “These divas need their space.”




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