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Rachel Karen Green


Like Rachel hates to hear “We were on a break !!”, the fans of famous comic fiction series ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ hates to hear that the season is on a long break. From past few years, there were rumors that the show will hit again on Television screens, but it is not true. Although we can relish some moments from a show, by throwing a spot light at one of the six main leads of the show. This time, the spot light falls at one of the prettiest and the most fashionable character of the series i.e. Rachel Karen Green. 

Who is Rachel Karen Green?

Rachel Karen Green is the most fashionable character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S., who brought glamour into the show. The character is portrayed by famous actress Jennifer Aniston, who had totally justified the role of Rachel Green. In the series, Rachel is portrayed as a shopping freak and the one who is crazy about fashion. In F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Rachel established herself by standing on her own feet even though she belongs to a rich family. While travelling through her journey from being a waitress to a successful business woman, her chemistry with Ross is worth to watch. 

Strength of Rachel

Rachel shows range of shades in her character, but her strength is fashion. She lives in a world where fashion is her religion. She is a fashionable freak which makes her different from other characters. An example can be seen in an image given below.

jennifer aniston as rachel green


In the pic, Rachel follows different fashions in each season of FRIENDS. 

The famous quotes of Rachel

Rachel is the most romantic one among the six main characters, but still she brings humor in her quotes.

rachel green quotes

This is the perfect way to make a man understand what he should have to do

“Think of me as a ketchup bottle. Sometimes you have to bang on the end of it to get it to come out.”

rachel green quotes

Doctors must listen to Rachel about how to deliver a baby


Rachel Karen Green quotes


Something Important

Before being a great daughter, great girlfriend, great mother, ‘Rachel Karen Green’ is a great FRIEND.

jennifer aniston as rachel green

Before Saying Good Bye

This is not the end; the next edition of the content will be coming soon.





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