Britney Spears Vegas Workout Vs Taylor Swift Workout

When it comes to workout, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift have been stealing often. In fact, they were once the talk of the town, compared line by line about their workout routines. While both these celebs have their fan base, unique workout routines the massive difference was seen as they workout.

Check at the below photo, you will find the difference. Britney spears look like nothing but had some intense workouts, carrying all those clumsy stuff in hand, with sweaty face, tired eyes and requesting for some rest! To the contrary, Taylor Swift seemed that she is all set for a ramp walk, or dining out.

Britney Spears Vegas Workout Vs Taylor Swift Workout

Yet, both looked stunning!

Let’s talk about their workout routines!

Britney Spears, the mother of two wowed the fans in her recent show as Las Vegas! In fact after she was slammed at a show for faking her abs, she tried so hard to get back into shape. The secret to her fitness is nothing but high intensity cardio workouts and yoga practice.

About Taylor Swift. How she got those sexy killer legs? Taylor Swift’s secret to fitness is nothing but simple cardio workouts, but for longer hours. Wherever she is, she never misses that one hour cardio workout either in her treadmill or elliptical trainer. This is her fitness mantra.

Benefits of Britney Spears Vegas Workout

Britney was trained by a professional fitness trainer and followed the principle, workout smarter, not longer. Britney followed high intensity workouts, loved to practice all the core workouts to get that perfect shape.

Three days intense cardio on all alternate and core workouts and two days intense yoga for 100 minutes a day in the intermediate days is her fitness secret.

  • Core workouts are fat busters and help you get back the shape
  • The workout involved a lot of stretches, hamstrings, pilates, pushups etc
  • Although the core workouts may get the life out of you, you will soon enjoy the benefits
  • Good for belly fat, flabby arms and saggy body
  • Her secret to losing 60 pounds in four months featuring a great body is backward running and backward walking!
  • Intense yoga practice in the intermediate days helped her rejuvenate the sore muscles and replenishes the internal organs

She practiced these workout routines with a trained professional. In addition, a change in diet also helped achieved her goal. Consider these before you wish go for the vegas workout.

When it comes to Taylor Swift workout routines, she follows this principle, ‘Sweat it out’! When you sweat out a lot, your body will not store even a pound of fat. She doesn’t any follow specific workout routine.

  • A hour long workout in the treadmill just every day is an easy thing
  • Whether it is fat loss, getting back into shape or weight loss, her simple workout meets it all
  • Following a healthy lifestyle helps achieve your fitness goal
  • You can do it anytime, anywhere and at any climate. It is simple, don’t need any guidance

While Britney Spears picked hardcore Vegas workout to shed off 60 pounds, Taylor Swift made it very simple.



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