What Pregnancy Gift does Kanye West give to Kim

If you’ve guessed it diamonds, you’re mistaken! Of course, diamonds are girls’ best friend, but what Kanye West has given to Kim Kardashian is much more sparkling than diamonds! Yes, he has given love in its sweetest form which is far more precious than anything at all!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

When every single bit of a would be mother’s body aches during pregnancy neither a diamond necklace nor an opulent dinner at seven star does such a wonder as a body massage session with potential to soothe all aches does! Yes, that’s exactly what Kanye West has given to Kim – an entire course of prenatal massages!

Though the course of massages is still going on, Kim has revealed that it has already started working on her like a wonder! She has been suffering from morning sickness but ever since she started taking the massage sessions, the agony has abated! Kim has a 24/7 access to prenatal massage therapist and she is feeling really sublime! Sources say that Kanye first did a whole lot of research and only when he was fully satisfied with the work and experience of the therapist did he appoint one for his wife.

Kim is pregnant for the second time and has told the sources that the therapy has made her feel relaxed.  Interestingly, one of the insiders also has it that she is now able to sleep better ever since she has started with the massage sessions.

Kanye is indeed a sweetest husband in Hollywood. His gift is best ever for his wife that she’ll never be able to forget!




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