Supernatural – Internal Battle for Dean

Supernatural season 10

With the approach of season 10 finale of Supernatural, everyone is keen to know whether Dean will find the way to get rid of Mark of Cain. The Winchesters and their allies are hoping that they will find a cure to save Dean from the Cain’s curse even they know the fact that it is a helpless cause. This is not the battle against bad ones, it is an internal battle for Winchesters to fight against the bad lies within themselves. This season finale will bring out of the extra ordinary episode, different from other supernatural’s season finale.

Jensen Ackles, who portrays the character of Dean in Supernatural, believes that the script of season 10 finale is the best work done by the show runners. Supernatural has been running since 2005 and brought some unusual twist and turns in every finale of the past seasons. The creators of the show never thought that Supernatural would still be appreciated by the fans even a decade later.


Supernatural demon dean season 10

Before watching the finale it is important to know that what was happened earlier in the show in case of someone missed it. At the beginning of season, Sam was desperate in search of his brother Dean, who became a monster at the end of season 9. To track down Dean, Sam has to take dark paths and risks his own life. Meanwhile, Castiel with his falling grace faces new threats while clearing up the messes of Metatron. In the entire season, Winchesters were struggled to find the way to cure the curse of Cain. The other allies of Winchesters i.e. Castiel and Charlie are also determined to search the cure.

Supernatural season 10 finale

The fans of Supernatural must tie their belt to watch the super thrilling finale of season 10 where audience will be shocked when they see Dean taking a strange decision which will not only change his fate, but also affects the life of Sam.



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