Linkin Park is one of the famous names in the world of music. It is an American rock band, which was formed by three high school friends: Brad Delson (guitarist), Rob Bourdon (Drummer), and Mike Shinoda (Co-Vocalist and plays multiple role in the band). Chester Bennington, who is the lead vocalist in the band, was later included. The band was initially named as Xero. The success of Linkin Park is not hidden from anyone. Since it’s formation in 1996, the band has been achieving the new levels of fame. Recently, two greatest tracks of Linkin Park have made it to the top of Rock 100 list of Kerrang. Kerrang! is a famous magazine devoted to rock music. 

Success Story of Linkin Park

Linkin Park got it’s international fame from their first composed album named as Hybrid Theory. The success was carried forward with their next album named as Meteora. Today, Linkin Park has great fan following all over the world. The active participation of band in concerts boosts the popularity of band. With each new arrival of Linkin Park’s track, many crazy fans of LP devoted all their time to download that track the minute after the announcement of it’s release.

Linkin Park 1


Greatest Compositions by LP

The tracks composed by Linkin Park are always great to hear, but they have something additional which gives the whole composition a different illusion. The video representations of the songs are worth to watch. The songs of LP give treat to both eyes and ears. 

Some of the Greatest Compositions by LP 


Album – Hybrid Theory

LINKIN PARK -Album Hybrid Theory


In the End

This is one of the two songs that have made it to the top of Kerrang’s Rock 100 List.

Album – Hybrid Theory

LINKIN PARK-Album Hybrid Theory 1


Breaking the Habit

Still many people love to hear this song. This song is a great piece of work by Linkin Park.

Album – Meteora




Album – Meteora






The song is featured on the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Album – A Thousand Suns




LINKIN PARK A Thousand Suns


Burn it Down

Album – Living Things

LINKIN PARK Living Things

Final Masquerade

This is the other song that has made it to the top of Kerrang’s Rock 100 List.

Album – The Hunting Party – Live from Mexico



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