How to Dance like Step-up Ryan Guzman

Even before the release of the movie Step-Up, Ryan Guzman was assumed to become the hot talk of the year. And yes, the hype turned true.

Ryan Guzman is just sporting the so called, typical Hollywood Physique, girls die and even do men yearn for! Girls and boys are so crazy over Ryan Guzman and his chiseled physique, of course on his startling dance performance.

Actor Ryan Guzman

The base behind his awe-inspiring dance in the movie is nothing but the super toned muscles with a low fat body! Ryan, in fact set a benchmark for the dance enthusiasts with exceptionally toned muscles and a lean body to die!

How to dance like step-up Ryan Guzman? First get your core, support your dancing dream. Get the great physique with hard built muscles, low fat and well-sculpted lean body.

Gym Workouts

While Ryan isn’t a fan of weight training exercises, beginners should go for weight resistance training, mixed with high intensity cardio workouts and boxing circuits.

Your body should be great and flexible enough to help you getting trained in dance. Just like Ryan, you should go for building hard muscles.

To build hard muscles and muscle fiber, go for lifting heavy weights. Weight lifting is the base for toning muscles. Follow it by taking long resting hours to rejuvenate and regenerate Central Nervous System, which helps increasing the muscle fibres.

Go for strength training exercises twice or thrice a week and cardio on intermittent alternative days.

Remember that your gym workouts should live up to your dreams, enhance the quality of your life, not eat your life. Just focus on what your body exactly needs to pursue your dream. Don’t do all types of exercises repeatedly 7 days a week.

Daily exercise or workout regimen for 5 days a week for a maximum of 2 hours is sufficient. Many times, doing less but doing right gives the maximum effort. Focus on key exercises like incline press, pistol squats, barbell curls, etc to get that firm muscles.

This is the secret to the sculpted body with firm muscles without getting that awful body-builder physique.

Mixed Martial Arts

His secret to mastering an art which he never tried ever before is nothing but MMA! Mixed Martial Arts is more than a fitness regimen. Beyond staying fit, MMA enables the stability, helps balancing body and mind, improves confidence, flexibility and provides an overall development.  Ryan’s training in MMA helped him with dancing, helped his body to step his foot on the dance floors. He invested all he learnt in this MMA training.

Step-up Ryan Guzman

Appropriate Training

Not many aware about the fact that Ryan hasn’t danced before he was zeroed on the role! He was left with just three weeks before the movie scheduled for shooting. It was his self-training, however, it isn’t recommended as Ryan’s fitness schedule now involves dance training.

Without proper training you may not be able to master the art!

Remember, Ryan Guzman is not a professional dancer, but an actor who dance.



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