‘Glee’ Farewell At PaleyFest: Wet Eyes, Memories And Lea Michele’s Last Song



Before tonight’s Glee Farewell Panel at PaleyFest, the audience got a sneak peek at the first hour of the two-hour Glee finale that will air March 20 on Fox starting at 7 PM. The first hour travels back in time to explain why the original members of New Directions initially signed up for glee club.
While there were no big story spoilers about the second half, it was revealed during theLea Michele Paleyfestpanel that Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry will sing the last song of her six seasons on Gleea tune called “This Time,” written by fellow cast member Darren Criss.
Michele appeared on the panel with cast members Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Mark Salling, Heather Morris, Chord Overstreet and Dot-Marie Jones. While Michele said she didn’t want to reveal too much, she said that no other song that might have been chosen for her final tune “could have encapsulated the whole experience” like “This Time.” “That was the day I feel to my knees and cried,” Michele said. “I got to say everything to everyone that I always (intended) to say but you can’t think of the words. And he wrote them.”
For his part, Criss said: “My main thing was to write a song for Lea. It’s not just my own vanity.”  The song, he said, is “a love note for the entire series.” 
Since Season 6 is Glee’s last, there were no next-season spoilers for host Tim Stack togleetease from the assembled cast. But they were happy to reminisce about their favorite moments, favorite songs, visiting the White House and Oprah, favorite guest stars (high marks for perky Kristin Chenoweth). Even after her praise of Criss’ new composition, Michele admitted the favorite Glee song she performed was Journey’sFaithfully.”
Darren Criss PaleyfestThere were plenty of wet eyes as actors recalled breakout storylines that connected with “Gleeks” around the world. Jones cited the “Transitioning” episode that saw her character transition from female to male. Riley talked about how portraying her full-figured Glee character helped her, as well as viewers, to embrace their curves.
But in defiance of tonight’s group-hug mood, when asked to sum up the past six seasons, Colfer said, “Puberty.” Without missing a beat, Lynch added, “Menopause.”



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