Cannes Scandals 2015

The annual cinematic festival presents its new surprises. Find out the hottest incidents!

Critics and media booed the most expected film right after the premier. “The Sea of Trees” with Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe had been considered one of the contenders for the main prize of the festival – the Palme d’Or, but became the greatest disappointment.

Sea Of Trees

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Valeria Richter, a producer whose left part of the leg had been amputated, has complained BBC that she was stopped at the red carpet and was asked to put on high heels. Although, the conflict was stopped and the woman was allowed to come in, the reputation of the festival became worse.

Valeria Richter

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This year, managers of the event asked the celebrities to refrain from making self-photos on the red-carpet, because this process takes too much time. Eva Longoria violated the Cannes Film Festival rules and made some photos.

Eva Longoria

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sophie marceau wardrobe malfunction boob

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Sophie Marceu held her white and scented dress to avoid stepping on the hem. Climbing stairs the actress accidentally showed her flesh-colored panties.

Gaspar Noe Love

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Finally, the biggest scandal of the Cannes Festival 2015 is the film “Love”, which was premiered on the 20th of May. Though, it is the erotic melodrama and one of the most controversial films that shows many explicit scenes including scenes of a threesome sex. The premiere was prosperous and received many good reviews. The audience met the director, Gaspar Noe, with a standing ovation after the performance!




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